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Why LoRaWAN is the best network for agriculture?

Agriculture is undergoing significant changes, driven by technological advancements, shifts in consumer preferences, and changing environmental conditions. These changes help make agriculture more sustainable, efficient, and better able to meet…

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Smart sensors provide huge benefits for Sydney Olympic Park

Using smart IoT sensors, Sydney Olympic Park is able to decrease irrigation costs by 83%, saving 5 million AUD per year. Cost savings are associated with increased water use efficiency…

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No more manual temperature checking for Compost Managers

Composting and its benefits on agriculture have been known since the 10th century. Greeks and Romans knew about compost, a fact contained in 12th-century Arab writings, medieval Church texts, and…

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Chirpstack use case

#1 Can complicated integration of sensors and LNS be made super easy? #2 How to make super easy integration of sensors and LNS? Working for 10+ years in IoT we…

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How “The Right to Clean Air”​ will change schools & offices worldwide.

“Breathing clean air is every child’s human right,” says grassroots campaigner Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah (see TED talk) sharing the heartbreaking story of her seven-year-old daughter, Ella Roberta, whose asthma was triggered…

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The main source of air pollution in cities is not traffic! What is?

Municipalities are buried in suggestions and complaints about air quality. They seek balance to accommodate concerned citizens and a progressive economy. That is impossible with one or two air quality…

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