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20 years in IoT.

“Live in the future, then build what’s missing,” said Paul Graham.

This has been the way in our past experiences  (when it was not even called IoT) and is also the way Senzemo operates now. From smart home appliances to drinking water, past engineering knowledge makes it a lot easier to go through difficult development projects with just a broad idea and no real, tangible solutions on the market.

In the current state of IoT, where things are rapidly developing on different levels and there are still many use cases to discover, we make sure that we keep a part of our company’s focus centered on activities related to research projects, as these offer good proof of concept and provide the basis for our scalable solutions.


Founder & CTO

Luka Mali

Smart Winery Research Project

Serving as technology providers.

Lab Tested

Sensors come pre-configured and lab tested.

Quality Insights

A decade of research in experimental methods.

Grant Approved

Experienced track record in EU funding.

Instant data

Get the data streams & skip the DIY phase.

Experiment driven.

We recognize that working with universities as an experiment-driven sensor manufacturing company offers a wealth of opportunities for both of us. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, hypothesis-driven research, a data-driven design process, rapid prototyping, and an innovation-focused mindset. By prioritizing experimentation, we drive innovation, optimize sensor performance, and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Pilot ready.

We are well-prepared to conduct pilot projects to test and validate products, services, or business models before scaling or fully launching them. Having the necessary resources, infrastructure, processes, and strategies in place to execute a pilot successfully.

This way we can minimize risks, validate assumptions, gather valuable insights, and make informed decisions about scaling or refining our products.


Typical pilot project has:

  1. Clearly Defined Objectives
  2. Targeted Audience or Market
  3. Resource Allocation
  4. Defined Success Metrics
  5. Data Collection and Analysis
  6. Iterative Approach and Adaptability
  7. Evaluation and Decision-Making
  8. Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Research Projects


An ambitious project that acknowledges the complexity and challenges of future cities....

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CODECS project

Maximizing the benefits of agricultural digitalisation through conducive digital ecosystems....

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Sydney Olympic Park

The project uses cutting-edge science to monitor water use and temperatures, optimizing the park's water mana...

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Large-scale deployment of farmer-driven platforms with a series of 20 pilots across 18 countries....

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Research Partners

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana

The main activity of the Faculty is the education of experts in electrical engineering.

Western Sydney University, Sydney

One of Australia’s leading institutions, ranked in the top 250 universities globally.

South East Technological University

South East Technological University is a public technological university located in Ireland.

Technical University of Crete

The Technical University of Crete is a state university in Chania, Greece.

University of Malta, Malta

The University of Malta is the highest teaching institution in Malta.

University of Padua, Italy

Università di Padova is one of the top public universities in Padova, Italy.

University of Bergen, Norway


Research-intensive state university located in Bergen, Norway.

Skellefteå kommun, Sweden


From Västerbotten County in northern Sweden, with seat in Skellefteå.

Leuven Municipality, Belgium


Leuven is the capital and largest city of the province of Flemish Brabant.

Technical University of Berlin

Public research university located in Berlin, Germany. It was the first German university to adopt the name “Technische Universität”


Research FAQ

How can we collaborate as partners?

We collaborate with partners at any stage of project preparations – from inception, or even at the later stages based on the feedback of the project review committee.

Why work with Senzemo, instead of other technology providers?

We have 20 years of experience in research projects and IoT development. We have 100% succes rate in project deliverables.

What is Senzemo's role in a project?

Senzemo acts as a technology provider and IoT consultant. Helping pilots and universities to implement and use IoT to generate quality data.

What is the first step in a potential collaboration?

We share our PIC number, scientific and project references, CVs of key employees, and a short summary of the company.

Do you have scientific references?

Founders have a track record of research projects and scientific publications in Telecommunications, IoT, and Urban & Building Physics.