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Quality first.

In 2017, the company’s founders Luka and Tomaž created an IoT solutions company that can design and manufacture sensors at a large scale for use cases and pilots covering various “smart”​ verticals. Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in the IoT space, Senzemo stays ahead of the competition in all that we strive to achieve. We’re well-equipped to meet your requirements and our long-term goals.

The business model has stayed the same throughout our path – we work closely with integrators for the deployment and maintenance of sensors, making sure we deliver a quality experience for the end clients.


  • +15 years of experience in IoT.
  • +10 years of experience in experimental methods.

Low Maintenance

Produced in EU and up to 7 years of battery life.


Adjustability of sensors according to your needs.

Easy Integration

Integration made easy. To every platform.

Rapid Support

24/7 support and under 3-hour response time.

Sustainability & Innovation.

Bound to develop sustainable IoT solutions, we are constantly investing in research and the development of new, earth-friendly materials for sensors. Whether it is bioplastic, recycled, or ocean plastic, we are on a mission to help the planet produce less waste.

At the same time, Senzemo is always at the edge of possibilities. We love new and interesting projects that bring value to society and business. Our solutions are customizable at scale and cover the entire path from sensor to insights.


  • Sustainable materials.
  • R&D for specific, large scale cases.

Use cases

Cook-Chill Process

Hotels and their restaurant Chefs often use the Cook-Chill process, a food production, and storage method th...

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Hotel Cold Rooms

Food safety protocols are very important for 5-star hotel chains and their restaurant businesses. For Sherato...

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Sydney Olympic Park

“For the first time, artificial intelligence controls when and how much water is distributed across an enti...

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Frost protection

Connecting through our integrators Opensensing in Australia, we can help local farmers with their frost prote...

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Reduction of medicine disposal

Maintenance personnel at the University Medical Center in Groningen, Netherlands, a regional hospital with 15...

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Smart vineyard

Vineyard farmers know that every liter of wine matters. The problem for Dvojmoč winery and many other small ...

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Controlling Heat in Parramatta

Air temperature in Australia can sometimes rise to uncomfortable, even dangerous levels in open public spaces...

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Compost temperature checking

Croatian organic collection service, situated in the vicinity of Zagreb wanted to introduce a new way of deal...

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Better farm irrigation

In order to grow healthy and effective apple yields, the client was using timer-based irrigation systems to w...

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Growing with the help of our integrators.

Customer testimonials


I like to think of Senstick as an Apple device. Top-notch design and having one sensor across different use cases makes it a wonderful item to showcase to a prospective client!

Morag Meikle, CEO of MFC Group

I see great potential in smart agriculture, especially in saving time and resources. Senzemo offers unmatched quality and service.

Adam Novak, Owner of an apple orchard

What I love about Agri Solutions is the modularity of sensor placement.

Rok Dvojmoč, Wineyard owner

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