Temperature Probe Sensor

Senstick Probe STP30

Valuable data

A temperature monitoring solution is immensely beneficial to industries where temperature plays a crucial role in defining the quality of the products. For instance, in a cold chain, a temperature monitoring solution allows a logistic manager to monitor the temperature of the item being transported in real time. The implementation of this sensor is really helpful for goods that are climate-sensitive.


Who is it for?  Farmers, Rail track maintenance personnel, and Road conditions managers.


  • Mulch, grain storage & soil temperature monitoring.
  • Rail tracks and water internal temperature.
  • Can be used to collect data on road temperature for traffic control and long-term road planning.


Easy Installation & Integration
Customizable settings
NFC or OTA Reconfigurable
Harsh environments
IP65 Water & Dust Resistant Rating
Up to 7 Years of Battery Life
Product sheet

Made in EU

Quality is the first focus of Senzemo. The sensors, aside from standing out by their design, are sourced and assembled in European Union, and produced using quality materials, which makes them much more reliable and precise.

They are built to last for a long time and if you don’t take into account the batteries, the sensors could last for decades. On Lorawan they can work up to 50km away from the gateway and offer easy assembling so that everyone, integrators, or end clients can have a quality experience with them.



  • Reliable.
  • Built to last.
  • For a long time.

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