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Food Temperature Sensor

Senstick Probe STF40

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This food probe sensor is great for measuring food storage and cooking temperature. It is perfect for cook-chill process, a food preservation technology in which foods are fully cooked (usually at a temperature less than 100 °C), rapidly chilled, refrigerated for storage, and reheated before serving. This will allow for cooking in larger than normal quantities (or batch cooking), depending on your operation, and is relatively easy to implement within an existing business.


Who is it for?  Chefs, Hotel & Restaurant managers, Food-prep employees, and Wine-producers.



  • Perfect for Cook-Chill Process used in Restaurants and Hotels.
  • Monitors food and grain storage temperature.


Easy Installation & Integration
Up to 7 Years of Battery Life
Customizable Settings
Harsh Environments
NFC or OTA Reconfigurable
IP68 Water & Dust Resistant Rating
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Made in EU

Quality is the first focus of Senzemo. The sensors, aside from standing out by their design, are sourced and assembled in European Union, and produced using quality materials, which makes them much more reliable and precise.

They are built to last for a long time and if you don’t take into account the batteries, the sensors could last for decades. On Lorawan they can work up to 50km away from the gateway and offer easy assembling so that everyone, integrators, or end clients can have a quality experience with them.

  • Reliable.
  • Built to last.
  • For a long time.
Hyatt case

Sensor in action

Hyatt, one of the largest 5-star hotel chains in the world uses the sensor in their kitchens. Chefs use Senstick for Cooked-Chill process as well as food storage temperature in the cold rooms.

Hotels and their restaurant Chefs often use the Cook-Chill process, a food production, and storage method that involves cooking food to a high temperature to kill pathogens, cooling it rapidly to a temperature at which bacteria cannot grow, and storing it at that temperature until it is needed. It allows Chefs to produce large quantities of food that can be stored and served at a later time, while at the same time reducing food waste and improving efficiency by allowing food to be prepared in advance and stored until it is needed.

Currently, 70 custom-made Senstick sensors were sent out to these hotel chain kitchens, but there are many more to be deployed in a short time. Sensors perform real-time 10-second interval readings, which can be read on a tablet and also offer historic data. This allows Chefs to monitor the food cooking processes, resulting in better food quality, safety, and less waste.

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Open platform

All of our products are compatible with any LoRaWAN server. This way you can add it to your preferred platform and see the data, the way you want to – you are the owner of your data!

We also offer our own Senzemo Analytics Platform that neatly visualizes the data received from the sensors.

  • You own your data!
  • Connect to any platform you want.
  • You can also use our Senzemo Analytics Platform.

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Cook-Chill Monitoring

Sensors allow Chefs to monitor the food cooking processes, resulting in better food quality, safety, and less...

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Sensors FAQ

How can I get the sensors?

Send us an inquiry 🙂

We ship our sensors all across the globe, so wherever you are, we’ll make sure it’s on your doorstep in no time.

Are the sensors pre-configured?

Whatever is your preference: Factory pre-configured or individually using NFC.

Do the sensors come with the platform?

All the data is available on our Middleware platform. If you need something different, tell us.

How do I integrate Senzemo sensors to my platform?

Sensors can be configured with Senzemo App or easily integrated using Senzemo API.

Is there support in case of failure?

You can always count on us. We promise 24/7 support with a 3-hour response time.

Do your devices only work with LoRaWAN?

Currently yes, all our devices are set up to work on LoRaWAN.