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IoT Winery Pilot

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We are launching an innovative pilot case that blends winemaking with cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology by equipping a local winery with a bundle of 10 sophisticated sensors.

This initiative aims to revolutionize vineyard management through real-time monitoring of environmental and soil conditions, thereby optimizing grape quality and advancing sustainable practices.



Participating wineries will benefit from: 

  • Precision agriculture
  • Enhanced wine quality
  • Leadership in agricultural innovation
Decisions based on data
Resources saved
Better decisions

Data in a bundle

Smart sensors in vineyards offer a multi-faceted approach to precision agriculture, optimizing grape growth and quality. They track climate and soil conditions, efficiently manage water use, detect early signs of pests or diseases, and determine the ideal harvest time. This technology enables vineyard managers to make informed decisions, leading to healthier vines, reduced resource waste, and improved grape quality, setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability in viticulture.



  • 5 x SMC30 (Microclimate)
  • 3 x SSM30 (Soil moisture)
  • 1 x SRM10 (Rain bucket)
  • 1 x SLW10 (Leaf wettness)
ROI of similar bundle

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Here’s how Doppler Winery did it.

Open Call FAQ

What is the objective of the agri pilot case?

The pilot case aims to integrate advanced IoT technology into traditional winemaking practices, enhancing vineyard management through real-time data collection on climate, soil, and vine health. This initiative seeks to improve grape quality, optimize resource use, and increase sustainability in local wineries.

Who can apply for the sensor bundle?

We welcome applications from local wineries interested in leveraging technology to advance their viticulture practices. Ideal candidates are those committed to innovation, quality improvement, and environmental sustainability.

What does the sensor bundle include?

The bundle comprises 10 state-of-the-art sensors capable of monitoring various environmental and soil parameters, including temperature, humidity, soil moisture, nutrient levels, and more, providing valuable insights for precision agriculture.

How will the sensors benefit the winery?

The sensors will enable farmers to make data-driven decisions regarding irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease management, and optimal harvest times. This will lead to healthier vines, reduced resource waste, and ultimately, superior wine quality.

How do I apply for the sensor bundle?

Interested wineries can apply through our online application form. Please provide details about your winery, your commitment to innovation and sustainability, and how you plan to utilize the sensors to improve your viticulture practices.

What is the selection process for applicants?

Applications will be evaluated based on the winery’s commitment to using technology for sustainable agriculture, potential for quality improvement, and readiness to integrate IoT solutions into their operations.

When will the selected wineries be announced?

Selected wineries will be announced [insert specific date or time frame], and sensor deployment will begin shortly thereafter.

Who can I contact for more information?

For further inquiries, please contact our project team at We’re happy to provide more details and assist with your application process.