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Digitalizing Food Safety

Hyatt, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Accor, Tasty Fresh

How IoT helps big brands save time and money on Food Safety.

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Boost your kitchen productivity.

Restaurants, hotels, and their Chefs often come upon difficulties with retaining to Food Safety / HACCP standards, because of their fast-paced workplace. This is where digitalization can help immensely by providing accurate, timely measurements.

Food safety is about to embark on a digitized path. Are you coming along?

  • Cook-Chill monitoring
  • Cold Storage monitoring
  • HACCP digitized
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Meet the Speakers

MFC Group
Morag Meikle, CEO
Luka Mali, CTO
Blaz Kastelic, Project Manager

Efficient food safety

Modern Food Safety platforms offer simple, smart, and unified digital solutions, backed up by the highest level of quality support throughout the partnership life-cycle.

Time and temperature are automatically monitored and calculated with the food safety requirements. Hands-free! The built-for-purpose engineering of hardware, software, and firmware makes the automation of food safety verification a reality.


We will present a short DEMO of the platform and how you can easily manage the data.

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Adding value to your business.

Save time

Save money

HACCP certified

Fully digital

Worth your time.


I like to think of Senstick as an Apple device. Top-notch design and having one sensor across different use cases makes it a wonderful item to showcase to a prospective client!

Morag Meikle, CEO of MFC Group

Since we’we introduced sensors to our kitchen’s daily operations, we have been able to focus most of our time on other activites.

Andy Mccoy, Tasty Fresh Co. Executive Chef

More info

How long is the webinar?

An hour. Nothing more, nothing less:)

What topics will be covered in the webinar?
  • Digitalization of the Cook-Chill method.
  • Automated cold storage monitoring.
  • Faster HACCP processing.
Can I get the video after?

Sure. We will send it your way as long as you fill in the attendance form.

Is there a cost associated with attending the webinar?

No, it is totally free.

Will there be a Q&A session at the end for participants to ask questions?

Yes, we will have about 15 minutes reserved for your questions.

Will there be any resources or materials provided after the webinar?

Apart from the video, you can get all the necessary materials – just tell us afterward what you need.