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Urban Solutions

LoRaWAN sensors for Cities & Urban areas

Huge Benefits


Lowering urban heat

Sensors enable cities to ‘visualize’ the impacts of the installation of shading structures, greenery, and water features on heat spots.

Safer public area

Cities and counting

The list of cities that decided to go and get smarter keeps growing: Sydney, Parramatta, Skellefteå, Leuven, Gzira, Novo Mesto…

Increase well-being

Outside air pollution

By notifying municipal and city authorities of the potential dangers and high values, sensors can significantly reduce the air pollution.

Better air

Million AUS Dollars

Savings on energy, personnel, and irrigation bills with the help data provided by the smart sensors and the appropriate platform.

Saving water resources

Why Urban?

The growing number of citizens poses stress on social services and health facilities, causing more air pollution and exacerbating heat islands in urban areas.

  • Wouldn’t sensors help mitigate those risks?

As part of establishing sustainable models, the implementation of sensors can increase the Health & Well-Being of citizens that are exposed to diverse climatic conditions and challenges, making shared public spaces, and cities liveable and welcoming.

MicroClimate Management in Coburg, Germany

Urban Stories


An ambitious project that acknowledges the complexity and challenges of future cities....

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Controlling Heat in Parramatta

Thermal comfort measurements guide people to safe, cooler zones....

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Sydney Olympic Park

The project uses cutting-edge science to monitor water use and temperatures, optimizing the park's water mana...

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Urban products

Rain Meter

Rain Meter LoRaWAN sensor, SRM10 collects data for rain precipitation.

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Urban products

Soil Moisture Sensor

Senstick Soil Moisture sensor, SSM40 is a reliable LoRaWAN sensor for agriculture.

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Urban products

Outdoor Microclimate Sensor

Outdoor MicroClimate LoRaWAN sensor with shield, SMC30 collects data for temperature, relative humidity, and air pressure.

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Made in EU

Quality is the first focus of Senzemo. The sensors, aside from standing out by their design, are sourced and assembled in European Union, and produced using quality materials, which makes them much more reliable and precise.

They are built to last for a long time and if you don’t take into account the batteries, the sensors could last for decades. On Lorawan they can work up to 50km away from the gateway and offer easy assembling so that everyone, integrators, or end clients can have a quality experience with them.

  • Reliable.
  • Built to last.
  • For a long time.

Easy integration across platforms

Supereasy to integrate in every ecosystem

Urban FAQ

How can I get the sensors?

Send us an inquiry 🙂

We ship our sensors all across the globe, so wherever you are, we’ll make sure it’s on your doorstep in no time.

Can they work outside?

Of course, our sensors are built for harsh environments with a rugged casing.

Are the sensors pre-configured?

Whatever is your preference: Factory pre-configured or individually using NFC.

Do the sensors come with the platform?

All the data is available on our Middleware platform. If you need something different, tell us.

How do I integrate Senzemo sensors to my platform?

Sensors can be configured with Senzemo App or easily integrated using Senzemo API.

Is there support in case of failure?

You can always count on us. We promise 24/7 support with a 3-hour response time.

Do your devices only work with LoRaWAN?

Currently yes, all our devices are set up to work on LoRaWAN.