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Air temperature in Australia can sometimes rise to uncomfortable, even dangerous levels in open public spaces. The local government of the city of Parramatta needed to act upon those impediments, besides health hazards, it was also hard for local businesses to attract and contain people in these areas, lowering their turnout. Without microclimate measurements in different spots around the city, it was difficult to guide people to safe, cooler zones or allocate when and where to use evaporative cooling devices to make microclimate more comfortable.



Summertime temperatures in Parramatta, Australia reach dangerous levels.




  • Heat causes cardiac jeopardy among pedestrians
  • The public can not by themselves locate cooler zones
  • The struggle of local businesses due to lower turnout



With the implementation of Senstick sensors, which measure microclimate data, they can now control the evaporation cooling devices and turn them on based on the actual air temperature and humidity. The current system is programmed to turn on the device for 30 minutes when Senstick measures temperatures higher than 34 °C. After 30 minutes the system checks the temperature again and keeps the misters running or turns them off.



  • The city is safer for the public during hot days by leading people to cooler zones
  • Supporting local businesses by keeping people in these areas
  • Public digital screens offer real-time microclimate information
  • Possibility to expand safe zones by easy integration of more sensors



Digital screens paired with smart sensors enable citizens to have real-time data at their hands.