Senzemo served as a technology provider, delivering 250 sensors for the project called SIMPACT, done in partnership with the Western Sydney University and integrators ARCS Group.


The 2023 IoT Awards held in Sydney on May 24th showcased the impressive and innovative use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in various Australian industries and government projects. As the official awards of IoT Alliance Australia, the peak industry body for IoT in the country, these accolades provided a captivating glimpse into the transformative power of IoT in advancing the management of energy and water networks, boosting operational efficiency across industries, and revolutionizing government services.

Sponsored by prominent organizations such as Akkodis, IoT Skills Australia, KORE, KPMG, nbn, and SUEZ, the awards drew attention to the remarkable achievements and groundbreaking initiatives in the IoT space. A panel of judges, comprising of experts from Australian industry and academia, evaluated the entries based on several criteria. They assessed how IoT technology was harnessed to enhance operational processes and service delivery efficiency, the level of innovation demonstrated in IoT implementation, how interoperability and security challenges were addressed, the positive impact of these projects, and the extent to which IoT was leveraged for societal benefit.

SIMPACT was recognized for:

  • IoT For Good Award 2023
    The Smart Parks Can Cool Our Cities project, nominated by Western Sydney University, was the subject of a cost benefit analysis commissioned by the NSW Government  which attested to improved well-being via increased park visitation, and several Principles of Governance, including ethical behaviour and governing purpose. The expected water saving will help in establishing more green spaces, and new IP from the project will be open-source.
  • Research Award 2023, sponsored by KORE
    This project, nominated by Western Sydney University, uses machine learning modules tied to 202 micro-locations to learn what optimal soil moisture is for each, and how weather and irrigation events will alter soil moisture against additional contexts.

The Awards are provided every year by IoTAA, Australia’s peak industry body of this sector. This year, the award ceremony was at the end of the IoT Impact Conference, held at the International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour in Sydney. On the evening of 23 May, over a glass of bubbles, we learned that SIMPaCT won in two categories. Receiving the national Research Award was already amazing. But when we learned that among the more than 120 projects entered into the comp, SIMPaCT was coming out on top for the Best-of-the-Best Award IoT for Good, we were over the moon.

Among the notable winners were projects that focused on revolutionizing the management of water and utility operations through the deployment of thousands of meters and sensors across water distribution networks. This IoT-powered infrastructure facilitated real-time monitoring, enabling early detection of leaks, optimizing water resource management, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the system. By leveraging IoT technology, these initiatives made significant strides in ensuring the sustainability and responsible use of water resources.




  • What specific types of sensors were delivered by Senzemo for the SIMPACT project, and how were they utilized within the project’s framework?

Senzemo played a crucial role in the SIMPACT project, providing 250 sensors to support its objectives. However, these sensors were integral to the project’s overall framework, contributing to its success in leveraging IoT technology for positive impact.


  • Could you provide more details about how the Smart Parks Can Cool Our Cities project leveraged IoT technology to achieve its objectives and improve park visitation?

Regarding the Smart Parks Can Cool Our Cities project, which was nominated by Western Sydney University, we’re proud to have been involved in a project that has garnered such recognition. We would be happy to provide further details on how our IoT technology was applied within this project to enhance park management and visitor experience.


  • In what ways did the winning projects address challenges related to interoperability and security in their IoT implementations, and what were the key strategies used to mitigate these issues?

While our involvement in award-winning projects like SIMPACT is a testament to our expertise in IoT technology, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges faced in implementing such solutions. At Senzemo, we prioritize the development of robust solutions that prioritize both interoperability and security, and we’re committed to sharing our insights and best practices with the wider IoT community to drive innovation and advancement in the field.