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Personalized development.

Get the hardware you need for your specific IoT usecase.

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Lower Costs


Cash flow and production expenses are closely linked.

By understanding the necessary trade-offs and knowing where to streamline, we can significantly reduce the costs of your project.

Raise Quality


Quality should never be an afterthought in manufacturing.

Recalls, returns, and critical failures can significantly impact your success in delivering the best product to the market.

Optimize Time-to-Market

In a world driven by deadlines, every second counts.

To deliver your product on time, it’s crucial to understand and optimize key aspects of the manufacturing process.

Creative Design


Get the product you want, designed to perfection.

We ensure your product has a premium look and includes all the features you need, eliminating the need for a DIY phase.

Hardware isn't hard.

Develop connected products for different industries, focusing on security, energy optimization, and improving quality of life.

Conduct R&D and pilot projects to test and validate products before launch. Use resources and strategies to minimize risks, validate assumptions, and gather insights.

We guide you through the entire process and ensure that projects have clear objectives, target markets, success metrics, data analysis, adaptability, and strong communication.


Clients that work with us:

  • Have access to over 15+ years of IoT knowledge.
  • Have reduced time-to-market by 25%.
  • Lower failure rates compared to competitive companies.

Extensive IoT Knowledge

From prototypes that look, work, and test like the real thing, to certifications during production, we’ve got you covered. Use our extensive IoT knowledge, with more 15+ years of experience, and get started on your path to production.

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R&D Project for Herz

Help throughout the process.

We assist you with:

Project Specification
Industrial Design
Embedded Development
Elec. & Mech. Engineering
Documentation & Certification


Smart Lightmeter

Lumu Power is the light, exposure, flash and color temperature meter.

Status: In Production, 10,000+ units

Cloud based Smart Home System

ENTIAliving enables automatic control of comfort, safety, security and energy inside living environments.

Status: In Production; 1000s of systems deployed worldwide

Smart Hydration Reminder

ULLA water reminder is a smart device that helps people live a healthier life by drinking more water.

Status: In Production, 10,000+ units

Smart Chair for Kids

Peak is an adjustable wooden chair that has smart features and superior stability.

Status: Pre-Production, test batch 1,000 units

Smart Speed Radar

Turns phone into a real radar gun, records speed and videos, analyzes results.

Status: Pre-Production, test batch 1,000 units



How can we collaborate as partners?

We collaborate with partners at any stage of project preparations – from inception, or even at the later stages based on the feedback of the project review committee.

Why work with Senzemo, instead of other technology providers?

We have 20 years of experience in research projects and IoT development. We have 100% succes rate in project deliverables.

What is Senzemo's role in a project?

Senzemo acts as a technology provider and IoT consultant. Helping pilots and universities to implement and use IoT to generate quality data.

What is the first step in a potential collaboration?

We share our PIC number, scientific and project references, CVs of key employees, and a short summary of the company.

Do you have scientific references?

Founders have a track record of research projects and scientific publications in Telecommunications, IoT, and Urban & Building Physics.