Some of our most recurring customer questions:


  • Can Senzemo devices be connected to any LoRaWAN server platform?

Yes, Senzemo devices are open to use on any LoRaWAN platform. Our customers work with many platforms such as TTN, Amazon, Chirpstack, Loriot, etc. We are also in partnership with most of the mentioned platforms so devices should already be onboarded, all you need is just enter the device keys and you are ready to go with the first measurements!

Senzemo also offers end-to-end solutions meaning we can take care of the server platform and sensor integration. This way you can experience a real plug-and-play experience.


Senstick displayed on the wall


  • How do you ensure/guarantee the quality of your products?

Quality has been our main goal since order number one back in 2017. All of our devices are made here, in the EU locally including the source of the materials.

After devices are manufactured they go through a testing process before being shipped out. Each sensor is tested for LoRa signal strength, measurement accuracy and other parameters.

By default, Senzemo ensures a one-year warranty with the possibility of an extension. Also, we offer additional services such as calibrations with certificates.


Senstick shields on a stand, that were vigorously tested.


  • What is the usual stock availability?

We typically dispatch the majority of our orders within a week of payment. For larger orders or when dealing with limited stock quantities, the shipping timeframe may extend to a maximum of 3 weeks.


We take care of small and big orders.


  • How do we become a partner/reseller?

Senzemo works globally and we made over 30 partnerships since the beginning of our journey. We are always open to going even further, hunting for more use cases, and meeting new people in the IoT space.

So If you feel that you are a good fit to become our partner or reseller do not hesitate to contact us and let’s see where our synergies take us.
Feel free to book a partnership call on the following link:


This is Blaž our project manager.